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Media & Branding.

Engage Your Audience!

Build a Brand you are Proud of!

We love minimalism! We design and develop tailor-made videos, unique brand identities and digital solutions, helping you from the definition of a communication strategy to the realization of your digital ecosystem, balancing both aesthetic beauty and technical performance.

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Media Production

Videos are an immersive way to get attention and deliver your brand message effectively. We'll take full responsibility for your project, create corporate videos, and commercials that help engage your audiences, build love for your brand and increase lead conversions. 


Video Editing

They say an image says a thousand words... well, imagine what a great video can do! We'll turn your videos and photographs into beautiful ads, web banners, posts, product descriptors and stories... ready for presentations and effective online marketing.

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Watch Something Awesome...

Filming & Editing

Our production team is dedicated to make the best footage and turn them into attention-worthy online videos for your brands.

Aerial Footage

We provide a professional drone service and deliver breathtaking aerial videos & imagery. Take your media game to the next level!


Our professional photography services provides high-resolution & stunning photos to embed into your sites and ready for marketing.

Custom Branding

Clarify your unique style and message and we'll  bring your brand to life with our custom graphic design and branding process. From concept development to mockupping, we'll analyse your industry and deliver a memorable and effective brand that works for both you, and your target audience. 

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Logo Design

We'll help you build a memorable brand, with focus on high communicability and  impact. We'll design a logo that 'pops' across all devices.

Brand Guidelines

Maintain consistency throughout your digital (and physical) ecosystem, from colour palettes to writing procedures, and control every aspect of your brand.

Corporate Identity

Business cards, brochures, mockups and document paginations... we'll deliver print ready artwork that you, your team and your customers will love!


We'll write clear and concise copy for ads, publications and websites, to both inform and engage your target audience. We'll define a friendly, or more serious tone, to mirror your brand perception. We'll then review it so that it works for both humans and computers alike.


Tap on the icon, and check me out!

Skye - MMS AI assistantSkye

AI voice over

Add a 100% human sounding voice across your sales, training and educational videos... or just add a voice over to your blogs and enhance your visitor experience! Choose among male and female voices, with impeccable British or American english inflections. Trust us, it works and won't cost a fortune! 

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Blog & Web

Blogs are a great way to both enhance a brand awareness and to boost search engine ranking.  We'll help you choose topics that attract traffic and followers.

Text to speech

Convert text into speech, and have your content read out loud... integrate across your blog and websites or just add to your videos.


What often sounds great to humans, may not work for machines. We'll research the highest converting keywords, and include them in your ads & content.

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